This marks the third and final installment of the “Basics of Digital Marketing Series,” with Danny Dierdorff, Director of Digital Activation.

In the final video, we explore the Marketing Funnel, which is used to help guide customers towards making decisions to purchase a product/service. The funnel is a representation of all the steps a visitor has to go through to make a purchase.

The upper funnel advertising refers to messaging that reaches users before they are aware of your brand, product, or service. To properly advertise to these users, it is recommended you use Facebook, YouTube, display banner, and connected TV. When done properly, the precisely targeted advertising can reach users before they are aware of your product or service with multiple touchpoints.

The middle funnel is the process of marketing to an audience that is already familiar with the brand. To resonate with this audience, it is important to utilize your own data from the previously mentioned platforms. These platforms have re-marketing lists or first-party lookalikes, which can assist in targeting these users even better.

Users in the stage of the lower funnel have already engaged with your brand and are actively searching for what you provide. In this final funnel, it is important to include search engine marketing (SEM). These ads are highly effective, as users are actively searching for your product/services.

Basics of Digital Marketing Series

This is the final installment in our three-part digital marketing series. To watch previous episodes of the series, see below.

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