The proper tools are essential to set up and monitor any digital media campaign. In part one of the “Basics of Digital Marketing” series, we explore how to get started as you begin building a digital campaign for your brand using Google’s various products.

Google My Business, a free tool that helps manage how your business appears across Google, such as Search and Maps, can be an effective SEO and lead generation tool. Adding in your business name, location and category will allow consumers to engage with your brand, leave reviews, add photos, asks questions and more. With this understanding, Google My Business isn’t just a good idea but a must.

Along with Google My Business, it is important to link a Google Ads Account. With this online advertising solution, businesses can promote their products and services on Search, YouTube and across other sites on the web. If visits to your physical location are important, you can use store visits conversion tracking to help you see how your ads influence visits, as well as sales. 

More sophisticated of the tools, Google Analytics sifts website analytics into dozens of different data dimensions and metrics, such as:

  • Pages visited on your website
  • Length of time page was viewed
  • Type of browser used
  • Accessed via desktop or mobile device
  • What site they were on when they clicked over to yours
  • Forms the user submitted
  • How many users are currently on your site

Together, these tools create a powerful means of targeting and tracking how your campaign performs.

Danny Dierdorff is the Director of Digital Activation at the Universal Media, Inc. (UMI). He provides expertise in all digital media principles and application based on client’s needs. Danny handles a variety of matters, including Real-Time Bidding (RTB), Google Analytics, marketing strategy, DoubleClick and social media.

Basics of Digital Marketing Series

This is the first installment in our three-part digital marketing series. In this short video series, we’ll explore all things digital marketing, from how to build your first search campaign, trends, case studies and more. 

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