Kyle Cook, Senior Vice President of Digital and Emerging Media at Universal Media-Analytics recently presented as a panel member during “From Print to Digital: The Next Generation of the Circular” webinar. The online event took place on Wednesday, April 7.

The webinar covered important topics such as the evolution of the circular and how the pandemic has shifted the way in which stores engage with customers, challenges and benefits that retailers and grocers have seen by shifting to digital circulars, and first-hand accounts of how digital circulars are boosting engagement, improving loyalty, and increasing sales.

In today’s digital age, grocery shoppers are no longer dependent on store circulars rather they are accessing circulars through their mobile device. As a new generation of shoppers emerges, retailers are offering consumers personalized ads that match their interests and shopping patterns.

Along with several other industry experts from Facebook, StitcherAds, Flipp, Ben Floccus Consulting, and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Kyle further discussed how retailers should be engaging with their customers. He noted, while the printed weekly circular still appears to be a necessity to most retailers, it is just as important to also incorporate a digital presence, especially now that grocery retailers are competing with big box stores which offer grocery options as well.

Through Universal Media-Analytics’ print optimization, we help clients combine both print and digital to improve performance and sales. While some may argue print is becoming a thing of the past, at UMI we recognize a combination of both digital and print, done intelligently, offers client’s the biggest lift. Although the future of print may dramatically reduce, for now, it is not completely going away.

Kyle has spent nearly a decade working for Universal Media-Analytics, specializing in digital media, where he provides clients with sophisticated reporting and analysis. To learn more about Kyle or to contact him, visit our Team page.

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