On January 20, Kyle Cook sat down with abc27’s Kendra Nichols for a discussion about how to protect your online data. With data breaches on the rise, some companies and lawmakers are making changes.

To read the full article and watch his interview, check out Midstate expert weighs in: “the best way to protect yourself is with good passwords.”


On January 24, Kyle again discussed the need to protect privacy noting, “companies need data to understand what you eat, understand what you are ordering, the ages of the children in your house, to show better products for you.” The full article and video for Protecting privacy is a growing concern as digital consumerism explodes can be found on their website.


Kyle wrapped up Data Privacy Week with an appearance on Fox43 News on January 25. The story focused on a list of tips on how to stay safe while online, intended for both individuals and businesses alike. To read the list of tips and watch the video for It’s Data Privacy Week—here are some tips on staying safe while online visit their website.

Kyle Cook has spent nearly a decade working for Universal Media, Inc., specializing in digital media, where he provides clients with sophisticated reporting and analysis. To learn more about Kyle or to contact him, visit our Team page.

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